M&L Solutions
We are devoted to both distribution and trade of textile products for the manufacturing of roller blinds, home decoration and textile decorations
Blinds Solutions
Distribution and trade of textile products for the manufacturing of roller blinds
Fabrics Solutions
We supply different categories such as draperies, upholsteries, and bed and table linen
Home Solutions
Specialized services for home decoration such as bed linens, pillow covers, mattress protectors, and textile decorations
Contract Solutions
Textile decoration solutions for developing projects in the commercial, institutional, hotel, and health sectors.
Trade Solutions
Comprehensive brand development services and the commercialization of their products.

Imports, distribution, and marketing of innovative and high-quality textile solutions for home and commercial projects.


Is a proudly Colombian company that finds its origins in the fusion of more than 20 years of experience in the textile and the international logistics sectors.

distribución y comercialización de productos textiles para la fabricación de persianas y cortinas enrollables

We are importers, distributors, and traders. We offer textile solutions for the home and
the institutional sectors. We are passionate about what we do ,and we are committed to
delivering the best service to our clients through cost-effective, innovative, and highquality

We are strategically located in Barranquilla, Colombia, the industrial port and heart of
Colombia’s Caribbean region. This exclusive location allows us to address domestic and
international markets efficiently.

To offer innovative and high-quality textile solutions that meet our clients’ needs, have a
positive impact on the development and well-being of our team, and provide profitable,
sustainable, and long-term growth to our company.

To be recognized by our clients as the best strategic ally for their business, as we provide them with profitability, support, and confidence through our services and portfolio of products.

Corporate Values

Our values describe and reflect our culture, dedication, and passion for what we do:

We offer solutions and services focusing
on quality and transparency.

We innovate with sustainable responsibility
and clarity of purpose.

We encourage proactive teamwork and focus
on outstanding customer service.

We honor all our commitments and agreements.

We promote fair and equal treatment, diversity, mutual respect, and trust.

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